Native/American Indian Scholars: Scholars who identify as Native/American Indian will be provided additional opportunities to interact with the constituents of the University of Iowa Native American Council (NAC). There will be a welcome dinner as well as several luncheons with the American Indian Faculty and Staff to facilitate additional mentoring relationships. We will invite local elders and guests from the Meskwaki Nation to provide history and culture of the landscape. We will also connect the scholars with current American Indian undergraduate and graduate students on campus.

During the same summer session, the Iowa First Nations Summer Program will also be in session at the University of Iowa. This program is for American Indian high school students to have the opportunity to live on campus and experience the university setting, explore majors, and gain an appreciation for the variety of opportunities on the UI campus and higher education in general. We will connect the American Indian SHPEP scholars with these students to explore their choice in attending higher education.