College of Pharmacy Curriculum

Scholars interested in a career in pharmacy will be able to explore their interests with pharmacists talking about their career paths and educational experiences. These sessions will expose participants to the broad range of career paths in pharmacy and the academic experiences that led these professionals to their chosen career. These sessions will include Community Pharmacy, Nuclear Pharmacy, Psychiatric Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, research, and much more.

Sessions will be focused on creating an academic and extracurricular plan to put forward the best pharmacy application possible. Other sessions will create connections with students and mentoring opportunities while allowing scholars to explore the vast array of career opportunities in the field of Pharmacy.

Mentorship: Each student will meet one on one with a faculty or lead staff member during the program to discuss personal and professional goals, answer questions, and learn more about pharmacy careers. Students can also be matched with a current PharmD student to continue the mentoring conversations and relationships.

Application Process: Sessions focused on the components of the Pharmacy application process will include the following:

  • Discussion of differences in Pharmacy programs including the different pre-requisites, as well as types of pharmacy schools
  • An introduction to the centralized application process with tips on how to assemble an effective application
  • Pharmacy specific interviews, the process, and tips for success
  • Components of a personal statement for pharmacy

Field Trips: Venture out into the Iowa City and surrounding communities to visit different types of Pharmacy settings and learn from the Pharmacists serving those communities about what their job is like on a day-to-day basis.

Skills Labs: The students will have additional opportunities for hands-on learning. Labs will include:

  • Hand Cream Compounding
  • Lip Balm Compounding
  • Capsule Punching
  • Pharmacy Building and History Scavenger Hunt

Leadership: The scholars will participate in a conversation with Pharmacists in the field importance of leadership and opportunities for leadership in pharmacy.

Student Panel: These scholars will learn from current pharmacy students about their experiences in deciding to attend pharmacy school, what life is like during pharmacy training, and plans for the future.

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SHPEP Students spend afternoon at the College of Pharmacy

University of Iowa SHPEP students spent the afternoon at the College of Pharmacy and learned how to make their own hand cream.

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