College of Dentistry Curriculum

For scholars who express interest in dentistry, the college will provide opportunities with various components which will consist of the following:

  • Hands-on clinical activities intended to build hand skills and demonstrate various procedures completed by dentists

  • Awareness of the various specialties and careers associated with the dental profession

  • Information pertaining to becoming or being a dental student

Clinical Activities: Students will have the opportunity to have clinical experiences with faculty and dental students, including:

  • Shadowing dental students, residents or faculty 

  • Orientation to the patient and simulation clinics, safety standards and protocols, HIPAA training

  • Practice making a tooth out of wax (one of the first skills dental students learn)

  • Make an impression on a classmate and then pour up an impression of your own teeth.  You will get to take home the model of your teeth! 

  • Drill on a plastic tooth.  Place a filling into the drilled tooth. 

Careers in Dentistry: The scholars will have the opportunity to learn about various careers in dentistry.  Topics may include: 

  • Presentations from faculty associated with the numerous dental specialties at Iowa

  • Career choices beyond private practice

  • Treating underserved and special needs populations

  • Life after dental school

  • Service in dentistry/outreach opportunities

  • Public policy related to oral healthcare issues

Becoming and being a Dental Student:  Students will learn about what is needed to apply to dental school and what life is like as a dental student. 

  • How to apply to dental school

  • Advantages of choosing the University of Iowa College of Dentistry

  • Financing dental school

  • Basic information about the DAT

  • Meet with members of the Admissions committee

  • Life as a dental student (i.e., panel of dental students)

  • Description of the dental school curriculum

  • Research opportunities as a dental student or undergraduate student