College of Medicine Curriculum

Careers in Medicine: These opportunities will include a more extensive showcase of careers in medicine. Scholars will be exposed to fields that are taught at the CCOM from faculty in the following disciplines: Physical Therapy, Medicine, Physician Assistant Studies, and Graduate / Postdoctoral Studies (including anatomy and cell biology, biochemistry, radiation biology, immunology, microbiology, molecular and cellular biology, and pharmacology, neuroscience, medical scientist training program) to suit a wide range of SHPEP students’ interests.

Hands on Activities: Students will participate in suture clinics, cast simulations, and other skills labs, so that they can engage in hands-on activities relevant to various health professions.

Shadowing: We will provide direct and instructional shadowing opportunities at UIHC for students with physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and physical therapists based on their identified interests. These shadowing experiences will provide 1:1 mentoring of the student by the health professional as he or she shares their personal story of success and reveals what their day is like in that particular profession.

Admissions Process: Scholars will engage in comprehensive workshops focused on the application process. These sessions include a workshop with CCOM admissions, guiding scholars on navigating the application process. Additionally, scholars will participate in a personal statement workshop with an academic advisor to gain insights on standing out as an applicant.

Mentoring: Scholars will have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with leadership from the CCOM Deans Office to discuss their goals and develop career strategies that will assist them as they begin the applications process.